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Organic Farming

Choice land. Choice grapes.

After a full year of looking at properties across North Carolina for a location to establish our vineyard, we found a farm sitting on a knoll in an area of Surry County once called “Burch Station” (for the railroad stop that was there) which had the right altitude, soil and air flow to keep the humidity down and support our desire to grow grapes organically. As for grapes, our research led us to choose 3 varieties of muscadine winegrapes (native to North Carolina) and 4 varieties of North American hybrids known for disease and pest tolerance as our initial plantings.  We also planted 1.5 acres of blueberries along with apple and pear trees, which are all also grown organically. In 2012 we added 5 additional native and hybrid varieties in an additional 2 acres. We also added elderberries, kiwi, figs and currants to our fruit selections. Using organic farming techniques, we hand pull weeds, add beneficial fungi and nematodes to our soil to build up the strength of the vines and rely on natural predators to take care of pests.

Organic Farming Tips:

  • Learn as much as you can about the process of organic farming.
  • Choose the right site.
  • Pick varieties of fruites that are native to the area and/or disease and pest tolerant/resistant.
  • Prepare for a lot of manual labor!